Nimbus (Rounded Base) RDA


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by JPGE from Philippine.

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THis is the latest version of Nimbus with rounded base.

The Original Nimbus is designed as a high-performance atomizer, which is made very obvious when you pop off the press-fitted top cap. Inside, you’ll find three posts, as opposed to the more familiar two-post set up.  The reason for the third post is that the Nimbus is designed as a dual-coil dripper: it is built so that twin coils can be run from the common center post to each of the the two grounding posts.  As a result, the Nimbus is capable of an almost scary amount of vapor production.

Package Contains:
1X Nimbus Rebuildable Aromizer 

Sold By Le Gadgets Malaysia

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Brand OriginPhillipine
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Nimbus (Rounded Base) RDA

Nimbus (Rounded Base) RDA

by JPGE from Philippine.