No Smoker Orion V3


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*Note: If you found some minor glue mark underneath the display or at the display edge it's normal for all the units. We have been told by the modder that the display is small and it's hand made (glued) so such things can happen during the manufacturing process.

Technical specifications:

1: Variable watt 5-15W
2: 15 Second Cutoff
3: Short Circuit Protection
4: Reverse Battery Protection
5: Discharge Protection (adjustable 2.8-7V)
6: Temperature Monitoring
7: Overload Protection
8: On – Off Mode
9: 30 minutes auto-off
10: Stacked Batteries 2 x 18350 or 1x 18650 1x 18350
11: Resistance check
12: Battery Volt check
13: Check battery volts under load


P1: Power up
P2: Power down
P3: Measurement of resistance atomizer (Ohm)
P4: Measurement of the battery and the battery under load (Volts)
P5: Discharge Protection (adjustable 2.8-7V)
P6: On-off
E: Error Codes and delete

Error codes:

0: Other error
1: Resistance interrupted
2: Resistance to large
3: Resistance to small
4: Short circuit or wobble contact
5: Battery voltage too low
6: Overheating
7: Max power time exceeded

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Brand OriginGermany
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No Smoker Orion V3

No Smoker Orion V3