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Titanium Wire

Medical Grade 1 Titanium Wire is currently the most trending and sought after wirein the market. We are proud to provide this amazing titanium wire in our product range.

Ti wire enable vapers to build their coils with precision and accuracy due to the nature that it is malleable and easy to handle. Ti wire has the characteristics of providing low resistance which enable vapers to make more wraps for bigger surface area in which results in more vaporsespecially for cloud chaser fans. It is also deemed that Ti wire is more long lasting than other wires and hence, it promotes longer lifespan in your rebuildable atomizers.

However, it is strongly recommended to use on temperature- controlled devices and NOT to dry burn this wire at any attempts as titanium wire will oxidize when it is heated at higher temperature.


- Medical Grade 1 Titanium Wire

- Lower Resistance

- Long Lasting

Strongly recommended to use on temperature- controlled devices.

- Not to dry burn.


Average Wire Diameter (mm)





Length: 30ft.

Available in 24ga and 26ga only.

Disclaimer:  Cloud Formula is not reliable for any injury sustained from the misused of this product. Please use this product with precautions and safely.

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Cloud Formula Titanium

Cloud Formula Titanium