Ticwatch Pro will be available in Malaysia

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The TicWatch Pro is the most exciting release yet, a new flagship smartwatch to the Ticwatch lineup. We have the confirmation that the Ticwatch Pro will be coming to Malaysia around July or August with the price tag below RM1500.

The Mobvoi first 2 models of wearable the TicWatch S and TicWatch E mainly target as an affordable smart watches where the TicWatch Pro is a Flagship model that mainly focus on the features. It has NFC in-built for Google Pay mobile payment, Step counter, heart-rate sensor, dual display and so on..

Mobvoi's designed the TicWatch Pro in a very different way by adding a second FSTN LCD display on top of the OLED Display. The OLED Panel is the main display for this smartwatch, it just work as a normal smartwatch that allowed you to interact with the wearOS interface, as well as showing the WearOS watchface and other info, but as soon as the watch goes into standby mode or when toggle the OLED off, the low-power FSTN display will kicks in, the basic information will be shown in this display such as time, step-count, heart rate and battery level. The OLED display will come active again as soon as the watch come out from standby mode, for example when you lift your wrist or tap on the watch screen. With this  dual display setup , Mobvoi aim to extend the battery life before needing to charge up, according to Mobvoi the Ticwatch Pro can last for 2 days of usage in Normal mode and while the Essential Mode is supposed to allow for up to 30 days of usage.

We will update again soon once we have the detail specs and other info, stay tuned.